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How to renumber a switch in a 6800ia stack

Although my previous post said you should not configure the 6800ia independently, it is possible and should be done at least in this case.

Here is how it’s done:
(1) attach to fex using (attach fex-id <>)
(2) Go to config mode and run the below command:
#switch 1 renumber X     <== Do this for every switch in the stack
(3) save the changes and then reload the stack members

Update: 7-Dec-2015

this worked fine for me although when trying to save the changes I got the message “NVRAM Verification Failed”. On reload the switch’s number had changed successfully


How to attach to the 6800ia

With version XXX you are not able to attach to the console port of a 6800ia once it is registered with the 6880.

NOTE:  You should only do this for advanced troubleshooting.  NO CONFIGURATIONS SHOULD BE MADE DIRECTLY ON THE 6800ia.

Use the “attach fex #” command

#attach fex 103

Attach FEX:103 ip:
Trying … Open

User Access Verification

Password: //Note that I did not know the default password
Password: // cisco is the password
Password: // cisco is the password

Quit takes you back to the 6880 command line

[Connection to closed by foreign host]