How to find your ACI fabric serial numbers

Let’s say you need to open a TAC case and didn’t document all the serial numbers of your fabric upon installation.  You can get the membership information from the command line.

SSH to your APIC OOB management address and log in.

Then issue the following command:
acidiag fnvread

you will get output simular to the following:

For spines and Leaves

admin@apic1:~> acidiag fnvread
ID Name Serial Number IP Address Role State LastUpdMsgId
101 Leaf1 SALXXXXXXXX leaf active 0
102 Spine1 SALXXXXXXX spine active 0
103 Spine2 SALXXXXXXX spine active 0

For APIC’s

admin@apic1:~> acidiag verifyapic
openssl_check: certificate details
subject= CN=FCH1922V0L4,serialNumber=PID:APIC-SERVER-M1 SN:FXXXXXXXX
issuer= CN=Cisco Manufacturing CA,O=Cisco Systems
notBefore=Jul 14 14:52:07 2015 GMT
notAfter=Jul 14 15:02:07 2025 GMT
openssl_check: passed


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