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ACI software upload via GUI not working

FYI there is a bug in 1.4.1e that does not allow you to upload new code via the GUI.

What happens is the file is actually copied then immediately deleted after if finishes.  This was fixed in the version right before this version, but not ported.

Fun times

Good write up on the work around over at

Thanks to Jayson for this good write up.


Where is the ACI software repository located?

Excellent question.  I did some digging via SCP and finally found it.

But don’t get to excited you can’t copy files directly into it.

The repository is located in the following path:

There is a good write up on how to upgrade your software using the command line.

  1. the current version of the firmware.

Were the firmware uploaded via the APIC GUI? If this is true, the issue is related to defect CSCux40954. Please use ‘scp’ in APIC to copy the firmware into the controllers. Attached is the instructions:

Little Gotcha with APICs within ACI

This applies to versions of APIC controller software up to 1.1(4e)

Turns out the there is a bug that occurs when you connect an APIC to multiple leaves.  And yes that is stupid because you’re supposed to connect them to different leaves.  This bug manifests itself when integrating the VMM with the fabric.

Just be sure that you create an APIC policy in the policy groups. Fabric>Access Policies>Interface Policies>Policy Group

It’s a simple policy mine is:
CDP= Disabled
L2 Interface Policy= default

Then bind the policy to the leaves that the APIC’s are connected to.  Fabric>Access Policies>Interface Policies>Profiles>Leaf###.  The click the plus sign (+) and add in your newly created APIC Policy group for the interfaces that the APIC is connected to.