Little Gotcha with APICs within ACI

This applies to versions of APIC controller software up to 1.1(4e)

Turns out the there is a bug that occurs when you connect an APIC to multiple leaves.  And yes that is stupid because you’re supposed to connect them to different leaves.  This bug manifests itself when integrating the VMM with the fabric.

Just be sure that you create an APIC policy in the policy groups. Fabric>Access Policies>Interface Policies>Policy Group

It’s a simple policy mine is:
CDP= Disabled
L2 Interface Policy= default

Then bind the policy to the leaves that the APIC’s are connected to.  Fabric>Access Policies>Interface Policies>Profiles>Leaf###.  The click the plus sign (+) and add in your newly created APIC Policy group for the interfaces that the APIC is connected to.


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