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ASA logout weirdness

What is this all about??

5545x/act# logoff
ERROR: % Invalid input detected at ‘^’ marker.
5545x/act# logout


I type logoff and it doesn’t work. The I type logout and it returns Logoff.

Weird if you ask me



vMotioned VMs dropping off the network

When a server is vMotioned to another blade chassis the server can connect to other devices within the EPG but not outside the EPG.

This was occurring for LINUX and Windows servers.

The quick and easy fix is to bounce the network interface on the LINUX servers.  On Windows servers this did not always fix the problem.

What is really happening is that the endpoint location is not being updated in the COOP table on the spines correctly.  And get this it’s a known bug with no fix at the moment.

So how do you fix it inside the fabric?

On your boarder leaves run the following command on both of them as close to the same time as possible.

leaf1# bash

leaf1# clear system internal epm endpoint key vrf YOURVRFHER:VRFNAME ip IPADDRESS

To verify that the VPC leaf is actually passing the traffic correctly use the following steps:

Rrun the following ELAM on the two leaves that the device is connected to see if ARP packets are coming in and see if the “status” triggered. You would have to do it on both leafs at same time because it’s in vpc.

1. vsh_lc

2. debug platform internal ns elam asic 0

3. trigger reset

4. trigger init ingress in-select 3 out-select 0

5. set outer l2 dst_mac ffff.ffff.ffff src_mac YOUR DEVICE MAC ADDRESS HERE

6. start

7. status < — to see if it triggered or stays as Armed //Armed means no traffic has meet what was defined in step 5

8. report | egrep “ce_|ar_”