DHCP issue in tenants

Ran into an issue where my common tenant EPGs had no issues getting DHCP addresses.  All other tenants would not get DHCP address.

DHCP server is Windows 2012 R2 which supports option 82.

After working with TAC it appears the sub option 5 needs to be configured for my ACI tenants to get addresses.

I’ll let you all know when I get it working.


2 thoughts on “DHCP issue in tenants

  1. I am guessing you got this working. I found that you can also place the bridge domain in the common tennant and reference that BD in a EPG from another tennant and this works also. Not ideal, but got us over the line until we got a 2016 server up and running.

    1. Just a note if you don’t have Windows Server 2016. It doesn’t support DHCP option 42 sub option 2 (if I remember correctly) So if you have a shared L3 out in the common tenant, the other tenants will not get address from your DHCP server.

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