Cisco Viptela vManage stuck processes

I’ve been using the Viptela product for over a year now.  It is a really good product.  It actually does what the sales people say it will do.

Ran into an issue recently where when I was applying template changes to devices.  Sometimes over a 100 and sometimes as few as 5; that a process gets stuck on vManage.

When a process is stuck you can not make any changes to existing applied templates, or even bring a device online.  The only option that I had until today was call support and have them kill the process.  Depending on who you get taking the ticket it could be a 5 minute or less wait or a couple of days.

If you need to kill a stuck process on your vManage here is the process:

To see what process is running on vmanage go to the following URL


You will see something similar to the following:
{“runningTasks”:[{“userSessionUserName”:”xxxxx”,”detailsURL”:”/dataservice/device/action/status”,”tenantName”:”Provider”,”processId”:”push_feature_template_configuration-3af60b4b-3947-4ab5-b7db-cdd9dc73c88c”,”name”:”Push Feature Template Configuration”,”tenantId”:”default”,”userSessionIP”:”″,”action”:”push_feature_template_configuration”,”startTime”:1522439470351,”endTime”:0,”status”:”in_progress”}]}

Look for the following: “processId”: “xxxxx” The information after the processID”: that is within the quotes is the process that is running. From the above example the process is:

Take the process and add it to the following URL:


Afer the equal sign paste in your process that is stuck running. From the example above it is: push_feature_template_configuration-3af60b4b-3947-4ab5-b7db-cdd9dc73c88c

So the complete URL in this instance is:

You will then get the following after the process has be terminated:


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